Patio Covers

Pergolas/Patio covers can come in many shapes, styles, and sizes. The main purpose of a patio cover is to provide shade to a specific area of your outdoor space. A pergolas/patio cover can also extend the square footage of your home to the outdoors. They make an excellent place to create ambiance for family gatherings outside and activities such as cooking, dining, socializing, or just plain relaxing. Many pergolas/patio covers are created using wood slats and rafters but pergolas/patio covers by Home Team are manufactured using lightweight and sturdy vinyl posts and rafters with metal inserts. Our pergolas/patio covers can be ordered completely solid for maximal coverage of your patio area or with slats to let a small amount of light into your outdoor area.

At Home Team we offer a range of vinyl pergola/patio cover options to fit your outdoor needs. Whether you are looking to add aesthetics, functionality, or both to your outdoor oasis, we offer the perfect pergola/patio cover choice for you.

You can choose from the following:


Shades of Elegance · Modern Durability

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