Chestnut Scallop Staggered

Chestnut Scallop Stepped Vinyl Fences Are Unique

Unlike wood gates, Chestnut Scallop Stepped Vinyl Fences are unique in the industry. The drudgery and expense of repair, wood replacement, scraping, sanding, caulking, and painting are all things of the past. Chestnut Scallop Stepped Vinyl Fences are engineered to withstand the extremes of wind, sun, and snow without adverse effects. An occasional rinse with the garden hose will keep them looking good, year after year.

Chestnut Scallop Stepped Vinyl Fences are designed with components that easily connect together, eliminating the need for unsightly bolts and fasteners. Chestnut Scallop Stepped Vinyl Fences kit comes with fully illustrated instructions and pre-cut ready to assemble. All you need to install your Chestnut Scallop Stepped Vinyl Fences are simple hand tools. Even the occasional handyman will get professional results. Structural elements are lightweight and easy to handle, allowing just two people to erect our largest units. Most of our Vinyl Fencing can be installed in under a day, making them an ideal weekend project.

Available Colors


The Vinyl Difference

Old Wood Fence

Vinyl Fence

Wood Will…

  • Attract Termites (and other wood destroying insects)
  • Splinter (a safety and looks issue)
  • Rot (wood is a haven for unhealthy molds and spores)
  • Crack (impacting the structural integrity and looks)
  • Require Painting (both times consuming and expensive)
  • Become Unsightly (until ultimately it is hauled to the dump)

Vinyl Will NOT!

  • Attract Termites
  • Splinter
  • Rot
  • Crack
  • Require Painting
  • Become Unsightly

All of our vinyl products are custom fabricated in Santa Ana, CA.

We sell and install locally and can ship to you!

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