How To Order

How long after I order does it take to get my kit?

Usually it takes two to three weeks to get your kit. During our busy season it can take little longer. You will be notified when your unit is shipped by e-mail or phone. This gives you time to arrange things at your home for the delivery.

Where are Home Team products manufactured?

All of our products are manufactured in the USA. The vinyl lineal we use to manufacture our products are primarily from US based companies, with about 3% of our materials coming from Asian manufacturers.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks, business checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and wire transfers.

Do you charge sales tax?

We collect sales tax on purchases shipped within the state of California.

Can I come and visit you?

We encourage anyone who can come into our showroom to come and we will show you the differences in designs and budgets. We have a showroom with different designs and colors on display. Usually in a 15 minute visit you will have all the information that you need to know your options.

What is your return policy?

Any “Kit sales” that did not require any customization we will accept back under certain conditions. We do not accept returns on all of our products made to order, this means that when you place an order we build a structure specifically for you. Please work with your estimator to ensure you understand exactly what you are purchasing and that we discuss all possible issues with you prior to making a decision to buy.

Can you send me product samples?

We can send you color samples or small sectional profiles at no charge. If you would like a product component sample (i.e. corbel end or post knuckle, etc.), there will be a charge. This charge will be fully credited back to you when you decide to make a purchase.

How do I place an order?

We recommend that all orders be placed by a phone call. You may order all of our standard products online or by calling us at 714-893-9921.
We can best help you to get the correct products ordered that way.

Can you send me a catalog?

We do not offer a catalog; however, we do have individual product sheets, and some brochures. Please just let us know what products you need information on and we will send you whatever you need.

I am not located in the continental US, can you ship to me?

We can ship anywhere in the world. Please contact an estimator for a quote on shipping to your location. We will need the delivery address and product information in order to obtain a shipping quote. Overseas shipments are usually best to have quoted for shipment to your closest port and then you handle delivery from there.


Is it difficult to install one of your kits?

Our vinyl kits were designed and engineered to be easily installed. If you are purchasing one of our larger structures it may require two people to facilitate the handling of long structural members. Most structures and average size fences can be installed in a matter of a day or two. All kits come with illustrated instructions and unlimited free technical support over the phone. No advanced tools or skills are needed to install any of our standard pergola kits.

Will I need special tools to install my vinyl product?

Our products are designed for installation with basic hand tools. Power drivers will help make the installation easier. You will probably have all the tools needed already. Please review our “What to know before you order” link for further information. The most commonly needed tools are listed below. A list of the exact tools needed for your pergola kit is included with the instructions.

• 4′ Level
• Measuring Tape
• Framing Square/Speed Square
• 8′ High Step Ladder (Two are recommended)
• Hacksaw
• Power Drill

Will I have to cut any part of my vinyl structure or fence?

Most installs do require some minor cutting to fit your particular situation. Cutting is minimal and should not take a great amount of time, or special tools or skill.

Will your kit mount to my existing slab or deck?

Our kits will mount easily to most surfaces. These include in ground, concrete, wood or composite decks. Our structures may be ordered with longer posts, to allow for installation into the ground. You have two options:

1. Buy our galvanized post towers that can be bolted into the concrete slab with red head bolts. Then the vinyl sleeves will sleeve over the top of the post towers and screw in at the base of the posts and screws will be covered by post base trim.

2. Rebar can be drilled into the slab approximately 4”, epoxied, and then fill the posts with concrete.

– For paver patios, you will need to remove an area of your pavers, install a concrete footing to the top of the pavers, then reinstall the pavers around the new footing. This will give you a secure surface to attach to. The base trim supplied with our columns will then cover up the concrete footing and cut edges of the pavers to ensure a finished appearance.

– For wood columns, you would attach a 6″ x 6″ Simpson bracket to concrete, and then secure the columns to the bracket.

Please call our “Customer Service Hot Line” for further information. 

What is included in the pergola kit, what else do I need to supply?

The only thing that you may need to buy is a 2×6 wood beam with attachment hardware to insert for the ledger board if you are attaching the unit to your home or another structure. If you didn’t buy post mounts you will either needs wood deck posts to sleeve over or to attach to concrete many people use rebar epoxied into the concrete 4” and then pour concrete in the posts. An average kit will need less than $50 in additional materials, all of which should be available at a local home center.

How long does it take to install a typical pergola kit?

With two people, installation of the pergola kit itself will typically take a professional contractor a day or less, do-it-yourselfers should plan on a one to two day installation.

What if I have questions during the installation, can you help me?

We would prefer that you call us! Most kits are made with no cuts necessary. Never cut ANYTHING without first checking with us. We have a 800 number that you can call anytime.

How do I attach a pergola to my house wall?

Attached pergolas typically include a ledger. The ledger will secure to your house wall using appropriate hardware for your wall type. The rafters of the pergola will attach to the ledger. Our estimators can provide attachment details and hardware recommendations.

Does the pergola kit come with instructions?

Yes. All Home Team Pergola kits come with illustrated instructions that take you through the installation process step-by-step. Component and connection details are included so that you know what every part is called and how to put everything together. For custom structures, we supply detailed shop drawings that include column layout, component placement, and attachment details.

How many people are needed to install a pergola kit?

We recommend two people for a standard size pergola and three people for large or more complex custom pergola kits.


Why Vinyl?

By building our structures and fences from 100% virgin vinyl we have given new life to the traditional garden design.

You’ll still enjoy the look of painted wood, but you won’t have the headaches of continual maintenance and inevitable replacement within a short period of time.  That’s because the construction grade vinyl we use comes with a life time warranty ensuring that at least for the next 30 years, all you’ll have to do in up keep will be to hose our product clean occasionally.  No scraping, painting, staining or demolition because of natural weathering and decay.  Who knows, you might even spend time actually relaxing in your yard.

So once you’ve decided you want vinyl instead of wood to accent that special area in your garden, choose Home Team.  You’ll get the allure and warmth of custom woodwork without any of the expensive and time consuming maintenance.

What are your structures and fences made of?

Our vinyl products are fabricated using 100% virgin (PVC). To prevent deterioration by the elements our vinyl is formulated with Titanium Dioxide and impact modifiers. This assures that our vinyl will never rot, rust, chip or splinter. There is no wood in our structures or fences.

Will my vinyl product discolor and turn yellow?

No. To prevent discoloration by ultraviolet light our vinyl is formulated with a high percentage of Titanium Dioxide, this makes our vinyl color stable, our vinyl will not fade or discolor like conventional materials. Your vinyl product is backed by a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” against yellowing.

How Strong is Vinyl?

Substantial physical impact may damage your vinyl structure or fence. Vinyl is considerably stronger and more flexible than wood or other conventional materials. Normal everyday use will not damage your vinyl product; our vinyl is formulated with chemical impact modifiers that keep the material strong and flexible for the life of your structure. Our structures are further reinforced with Galvanized Steel Beams and post inserts.

Is your vinyl product safe for my children to play around?

Unlike wood, vinyl will not splinter. Vinyl has a smooth surface and all fasteners are internal and out of reach, you won’t have to worry about injuries from a rough surfaces or protruding hardware. An added benefit of vinyl is that there are no harmful chemicals such as Arsenic, Lead and Creosote, which may be present in wood structures.

Will my vinyl structure meet my state's building codes and do I need a building permit?

Our vinyl structures are engineered to meet specific structural requirements. Building codes will vary depending on your location. Please check with your local building department regarding permits and code requirements.

Should I purchase a freestanding patio cover or one that attaches to my house?

In most cases, patio covers attach to the house. Free standing units may be situated as close as a few inches to your home if the design of your home precludes attaching the unit to it. Free standing units usually are set away from the main building as a yard accent or a cover near a pool or remote deck. If you have questions regarding which unit to purchase, please call us at 714-893-9921 for help.

What colors are available?

Our vinyl products are available in white or tan. White is the most commonly ordered color since it coordinates with most any home color scheme. Darker colors are not available, as darker colors will tend to fade with time and exposure to the sun.

Do you offer custom size kits?

Yes. If our standard kits will not fit your needs, contact us at 714-893-9921 (8am – 6pm PST) Monday – Friday, one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in ordering a custom kit.

Does my vinyl product come with a warranty?

Your vinyl product is backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty against rotting, warping, discoloration, cracking and peeling.

What are the advantages of a vinyl over a wood or aluminum?

Structures and fences that are made of traditional materials require ongoing maintenance. This includes treatment for wood destroying insects, corrosion, peeling paint, dry rot, cracking and material replacement. This requires a substantial investment of time and money; this can add up to many thousands of dollars over the life of a conventional structure or fence. The main reasons for making an investment in vinyl are: Great looks, easy installation and no maintenance. Vinyl has no natural imperfections; there are no knots, warped material, uneven surfaces or exposed fasteners. Maintenance under normal circumstances is as simple as rinsing with a garden hose to keep the product dirt free. With a vinyl you can enjoy a structure or fence that will look and stay attractive starting the minute that you finish installing it.

How does the cost of a vinyl kit compare with one made of wood?

The initial cost of a vinyl kit is somewhat higher than one constructed of common lumber such as Douglas fir. If you were to choose premium lumber like, Kiln Dried Cedar or Heart Redwood, the initial cost would be about the same. Unfortunately the cost of a structure or fence built of wood does not stop at construction. Wood structures and fences require substantial ongoing maintenance. This includes painting, every several years, wood replacement and treating for wood destroying insects. This alone can add up to thousands of dollars spent over the life of a wood product. Your vinyl product requires no maintenance, since it is not susceptible to the ravages of nature. This makes a vinyl structure or fence much wiser investment.

How safe is vinyl for our environment?

Our vinyl product are manufactured from 100% virgin materials, this makes them 100% recyclable in the event that you ever decide to remove them. Barring this, your vinyl structure or fence should outlast your home. Wood structures, unlike vinyl ones are treated in many cases with arsenic or paints and stains that may contain harmful chemicals. Treated wood in most cases is harmful to your health and the environment. Consider how many trees we would save if all outdoor garden structures and fences were made of vinyl. In short vinyl is not only a good choice from a construction viewpoint, but it is good for our environment.

What if I need a pergola in a size that you don't list?

If the pergola that you need does not fall within one of the sizes that we make standard then we can customize the pergola to work with whatever challenges that you have for attachment or sizes. Contact us and we can give you a better idea of pricing and design options.

I have a specific design for a pergola or other outdoor structure, can you provide me with a price to make it?

We build custom structures and exterior structures and products every day. You send us a picture of what you like or a description of what you have in mind and we can help you from there.

How do I measure a pergola and what do the sizes shown on your website mean?

Pergola sizes are determined by the size of the shade area on top not including the decorative end caps. Posts can be moved in and out and not always have the same overhangs.


What is the cost of shipping?

Unlike companies that offer “FREE” shipping, we do not average the cost of shipping and include that average cost into the price of every unit shipped. Our policy is to charge only for the actual shipping cost. This policy assures that you are getting the best possible rate for shipping. Please call to get an actual rate for shipping from our plant to your house.

We accept telephone orders weekdays from the hours of 8:00AM to 4:00PM (PST), by calling our toll free number 714.893.9921. You may also place an order by fax at 714.893.9361 or email info@hometeamfencing.com.

One of our friendly customer service representatives will contact you by phone to confirm your order.

How does my order ship?

Structures usually ship unassembled via Old Dominion Freight Line. A delivery appointment (typically a two to four hour window) must be set with the carrier and you must be present to unload and inspect your shipment.

How will I know my order has shipped?

Tracking information will be emailed or called to you once your shipment has been scheduled to leave our factory.

How are freight orders unloaded?

For residential deliveries, there may be a lift gate to lower the materials to the ground, you may need to hand off load the material if there isn’t a gate. Please be sure to inspect and count every piece of the shipment as it is unloaded. Should you find any damaged or missing pieces, please note the quantity and specific pieces on the delivery receipt before signing it and call us at 714-893-9921.
For commercial deliveries, your shipment may be unloaded by hand, or if you have a loading dock and forklift, you may unload the shipment in its original packaging. It is important that you still inspect and count every piece of the shipment as it is unloaded. Should you find any damaged or missing pieces, please note the quantity and specific pieces on the delivery receipt before signing it and call us at 714-893-9921.

What if I receive damaged, incorrect, or missing parts?

If you shipment arrives damaged please contact us at 714-893-9921 immediately. If you are unable to reach us when receiving your shipment, please note the quantity and specific pieces that are missing or damaged on the delivery receipt before signing.

What do I have to do if something is damaged by the carrier in transit?

After you have noted the damaged pieces and quantities on the delivery receipt, we will need you to send this information, along with a few pictures showing the damage, to us via email. We want to minimize the inconvenience of damaged parts, we will start production on replacement parts right away and work with the carrier to resolve the freight claim. As long as this procedure is followed, you do not have to pay for replacement parts, nor do you have to file the claim with the carrier.

Can I pick my order up at your factory?

You are welcome to pick up your order at our factory. Please let your estimator know that ahead of time because there might be some savings on packaging and handling.

Care & Use

Will weather affect my vinyl structure or fence?

Everyday environmental factors like sun, rain and moisture will not negatively affect your vinyl product. Your vinyl product is engineered to maintain its good looks, under even severe weather conditions.

How does your vinyl product stand up to wind and snow?

We add galvanized steel beams inserted into each vinyl rafter over 8’and support beam; this maintains the strength of our structures and adds rigidity for added support. We also offer a metal post insert within each support post for some applications, this provides your structure with superb strength and durability against high winds and heavy snow loads (There are other options as well). Our products have a proven track record; they have withstood winds in excess of 140 mph without suffering any damage.

Can I use my lawn mower and other garden power tools near my vinyl product?

Use caution, with any power assisted garden tool near your structure or fence. Power garden tools may mar the smooth finish of your vinyl product. Avoid hitting your structure or fence with your lawn mower. Taking care to avoid physical damage to your vinyl product will assure a lifetime of enjoyment.

How do I keep my vinyl product clean?

Home Team products are designed to be maintenance free and usually only require the occasional rinse with a garden hose and wipe down.  For more stubborn dirt, such as caked on mud or bird droppings you may have to use a sponge or rag to wipe down the unit. Only use white cloths or towels, colored cloth can bleed onto the vinyl and stain it.  Using a mild soap product like dish soap or Simple Green will help in some instances. Marks made by children’s bike tires, crayons, graffiti, or other similar stains may be removed with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a similar product.

Note: Discoloration from cleaning is not covered by manufacturers warranty

In very extreme cases if all of the above methods fail you can use lacquer thinner.

* Please note that lacquer thinner can cause fading/discoloration of your vinyl. You should only do this on plain white vinyl. Immediately after the stain is removed, whether the lacquer thinner has dried or is still wet, clean the area with soap and water to neutralize the effects of the lacquer thinner.

Note: Never use lacquer thinner on non-white vinyl

Vinyl is an ideal material to grow vines and plants on.

Vinyl is different or metal to grown plants on. The more that you water your plants the cleaner the vinyl is.  Vinyl will not rust like iron and it will not rot like wood.


Secure gates with drop rod to avoid swinging in wind and from children swinging on gates


Every year add a little hinge oil. Add drop rod.
Maintenance requested by Home Team will be based on availability and charged a minimum of $150 per visit.

Video Tutorial

Should customers be adding oil & when.
When should they adjust with open wrench etc?
Products to clean & wipedown, etc

Warranty & Repair

Warranty Included on Installation

In most cases, Home Team offers a one year labor warranty on new Installations provided by Home Team. If any repair work is needed on Installations provided by Home Team, there will be no cost for labor for one year after your installation.

When Warranty is Not Included on Installation

In some cases, Home Team does not offer a warranty on new Installations provided by Home Team. Examples of this include:
1. Gates that are wider than 58”. Home Team does not recommend gates wider than 58”.
2. When customers request services that we do not recommend.

Warranty Included on Vinyl Materials

Our vinyl manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty on vinyl materials installed by Home Team. For more information, please check with the manufacturer of the materials you purchased on what is and what is not included in their warranty.

Repair Services on Home Team Installations

Home Team Fencing offers repair services on installations that were originally installed by Home Team.
Home Team customers requesting Repair Services (that do not fall within the one year labor warranty), can send Repair Service requests to the following: Installation@hometeamfencing.com
1. Name of customer on contract with Home Team
2. Photos of repair areas needed
3. Contact information (name, address, cell phone number, email address)

Note: Site visits are $250

If you do not have access to email, you can send Repair Service request to:
Home Team Fencing
C/O Repair Department
115 N. Standard Ave,
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Our team will look up your original order and follow-up with a repair quote in 3-5 business days after we receive all necessary information.

Repair Pricing

Repair quotes will include pricing for LABOR & MATERIALS.  LABOR pricing for repair work on installations by Home Team Fencing starts at $250.

MATERIALS pricing for repair part requests on Home Team installations will be charged the current retail rate.

Repair Services on Non Home Team Insatllations

Home Team Fencing does not currently offer repair services on installations that were not originally installed by Home Team.

Requesting Parts Only for Repairs

Home Team Fencing can provide replacement part pricing (for parts available), to Home Team installation customers.  Please note: We recommend checking your manufacturers warranty to see if repair services offered outside of Home Team will void your product warranty from the manufacturer.

MATERIALS pricing for repair part requests on Home Team installations will be charged the current retail rate.

Home Team customers requesting Repair Parts (that do not fall within material warranty provided by manufacturer), can send Repair Part requests to the following: Installation@hometeamfencing.com
Please include:
1. Name of customer on contract with Home Team
2. Photos of repair parts needed
3. Contact information (name, address, cell phone number, email address)

If you do not have access to email, you can send Repair Part request to:
Home Team Fencing
C/O Repair Department
115 N. Standard Ave,
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Our team will look up your original order and follow-up with a repair part quote (for parts available) in 3-5 business days after we receive all necessary information.

Finyl Vinyl Customers

While Finyl Vinyl is no longer in business, we will do our best to help old Finyl Vinyl customers where we can.

In many circumstances, pricing for replacement part requests (for parts available) from Finyl Vinyl installations can be requested for current retail and fabrication rates.

Please note: We recommend checking with your manufacturers warranty first to see if repair services offered outside of Finyl Vinyl will void your product warranty from the manufacturer.

Finyl Vinyl customers can send Replacement Part requests to the following: Installation@hometeamfencing.com
1. Name of customer on contract with Finyl Vinyl
2. Photo of contract with Finyl Vinyl
3. Photos of repair areas for parts requested
4. Contact information (name, address, cell phone number, email address)
Note: Site visits are $250

Do I need to pay for a quick gate adjustment?

Our minimum Site Visit Fee is $250. We need to charge a Site Visit fee to pay our technicians for their time & expertise.

Please note: There are YouTube videos available to help with gate & fence maintenance, including quick gate adjustments. Routine maintenance is easy and can help avoid Site Visit Fees.

Why do I have to pay for repairs?

There is a cost for additional labor and materials that are not included in your contract or covered by the warranty.

Finyl Vinyl gave me a lifetime warranty, why do I need to pay for repairs?

Please check the warranty on your contract. In most cases, Finyl Vinyl customers received a one year labor warranty for any issues related to installation.

Depending on the material purchased in your contract, you may have a received a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer on your materials.

If the issue you are experiencing is covered under your manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer will offer materials at no cost to you.

Please note that cost of labor is typically not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What happened to Finyl Vinyl?

Finyl Vinyl went out of business in 2020.

How is Finyl Vinyl connected to Home Team

The owners of Finyl Vinyl and Home Team are friends. Some of the old employees from Finyl Vinyl now work at Home Team. Finyl Vinyl and Home Team are not the same company.

Why does my call to Finyl Vinyl go to Home Team

Home Team offers Finyl Vinyl customers parts based on need & availability.

Finyl Vinyl customers can let Home Team know what parts they need. If Home Team carries the part and it is in stock, Home Team can sell parts to Finyl Vinyl customers.

Please allow 3-5 business days for us to check if we have what you need and how much it costs.

Why does Home Team only offer repair services to Home Team customers?

Home Team technician time is dedicated to providing high quality installations. We guarantee our own installation work and provide repair services on our own installations.

Home Team receives a lot of repair requests from non-Home Team customers. Fence & Gate Repair persons and companies can be found online.

Examples of where to look for someone to assist may include Handy.com & Angi.com.

What is my warranty good for?

Please check your contract. In most cases, customers receive a one year labor warranty for any issues related to installation. This will cover the cost of labor for year after installation for any repair services related to your installation services.

Depending on the material purchased in your contract, you may have a received warranty from the manufacturer on your materials. You will want to check on your warranty from the manufacturer to see what it includes.

There is typically a material warranty included on white vinyl, steel, Trex & Simtek.

There is no warranty on wood.

If the issue you are experiencing is is covered under your manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer will offer materials at no cost to you.

Please note that cost of labor is typically not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

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