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Traditional gates made of wood or iron require traditional maintenance. These gates require preparation and painting, treatment for wood destroying insects and dry rot, repair due to rust, in short a constant maintenance nightmare. Eventually, you loose the battle and the gate just has to be replaced, when that time comes why not replace it with a durable, handsome vinyl gate from Home Team.

The superior qualities of vinyl gates…

Vinyl gates never require painting or staining, they are impervious to water and will not discolor from its effects. Vinyl gates never require treatment for wood destroying insects and will not dry rot. Vinyl gates are simply not subject to the problems associated with wood or iron gates.

The superior looks and strength of vinyl gates…

  • No cracking, chipping, peeling, rotting, or fading.
  • ‘Good neighbor’ routed design gives you a beautiful look on both sides.
  • Will never need to be painted or touched-up.
  • Looks new forever.
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